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Dentist in Belfast

Patient Appointment Requests

Existing Patients can submit appointment requests quickly and easily. Simply ‘click’ on the New Appointment Email Request icon and send your request directly to our Scheduling Team! When using this option, be sure to provide all the key detail: contact telephone number, type of appointment requested (non-emergency requests only), and when we may reach you.

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Once we’ve received your request, a member of our Scheduling Team will contact you to complete the appointment scheduling process!

New Patient Requests

Do you want to become a NEW patient? We are happy to announce that if your insurance coverage is provided by either Delta Dental or UNUM, you may be eligible to join Belfast Dental Care as a new patient. Alternatively, household family members of current/active patients of our practice may also be eligible.

Onboarding calls are a key part of the new patient experience. Call (207) 338-3669 (dial Option 4 when prompted) to reach the Practice Manager to learn more.