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Why To Choose BDC?

Equality for ALL

Our approach to diversity is simple: it's about embracing everyone. From building a practice where all employees can bring their best selves to work to providing dental care that supports everyone in the community. At Belfast Dental Care we:

Belfast Dental Care | Pediatric Dentistry, Preventative Program and Oral Exams
  • take the broadest possible view of diversity;
  • value the unique (visible and invisible) qualities that make you who you are;
  • welcome every person's unique perspective and experience;
  • believe that each-and-every community memeber must have equal access to excellent comprehensive dental care;
  • make diversity and inclusion central to the patient experience;
  • and we want you to be YOU!

We're doing what it takes to build an inclusive world for ALL.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission statement is meant to be a brief description of our fundamental purpose—answering the question, "Why do we do, what we do?" It drives the way we serve our diverse patients and we’re proud to share it with everyone, especially our patients:

To provide excellent comprehensive dental care with compassion and integrity in a friendly, fun environment—serving our diverse community with a positive and generous spirit.

While our mission talks about why we’re here, our vision describes where we’re going! It’s a little aspirational and we like it that way:

Become a practice known for our compassion and excellence where patients love to come and employees love to serve.

We Support Our Community. Be You!

Human Rights Campaign - Maine

Maine's People's Alliance

National LGBTQ Task Force


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